ENTER The idea for ENTER? was founded from the observation of people during their everyday habits in Metro, cafes and waiting areas; who were deeply entranced to their smartphones. Lost in their screen’s charm clearly stating their disconnection to their immediate environment. It later evolved into an art installation that transforms the usual daily picture, without giving answers or taking a position, but instead asks: ENTER in shrinking one’s self into the tiny profile picture illuminated on the small blue surface; ENTER to thousands of Facebook and Instagram friends; ENTER to the infinite knowledge - to the irrational information; ENTER to participate in situations, unbeknownst to one’s self? .............................................
  • DATE : 2014
  • MATERIALS : Plaster, Iron, Plexiglas, Aluminium, Polyester.



Project 1: Plaster, Iron, Plexiglas, Aluminium, Polyester.

Installation of 5 female figures made of plaster placed on a metal construction, which is freely spread in a uniform black space. They look like they are hovering with only a blue light connecting them. The figures – that are scaled down – appear lost into an enigmatic and dominating space. The black background creates a threatening environment, which only highlights the fading of the unit. The bright blue line that runs through seems as the only interconnection of the project.

Project 2: Metal construction with an illuminated Plexiglas.

Users –[a schematic profile]– irrespective of age, gender and their geographical location [parallel lines that have as a point of intersection the infinity] are connected constituting a great community.

Project 3: An intricate construction of wood, tin, Plexiglas and polyester

An enormous smartphone with most of the Social Networks logos hangs over a tiny figure. The tiny figure is left to decide on the platform and tune-in to an alternate reality. Technology and Social Networks will help the figure find answers to its eternal problems, or perhaps the opposite .......... Like the geometrician that arrives one night in the territory of the Tower and looks at the sky as if trying to find its bearings but the sky is empty ............ All that exists is a gigantic smartphone.

Project Presentation.

NTER στο εργαστηριο-4
NTER στο εργαστηριο-3
NTER στο εργαστηριο-5